Henley Squash Club

Henley Leisure Centre, Gillotts Lane, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, RG9 1PA


This is played on a standard squash court but with a bigger, more bouncy ball and shorter rackets. Probably easier for beginners than squash. Also good for people worried about joint and tendon injuries – it is a bit gentler than squash. But the rallies are longer – so often it is a tougher cardio workout than squash.

What is Squash57? In 2016, England Squash, along with the World Squash Federation, rebranded Racketball as ‘Squash 57’ (the ball is 57mm, as opposed to a squash ball which is 40mm). Part of the thinking was to emphasise that the game is played on a standard squash court, as opposed to ‘Racquetball’. So now you know – ‘Racketball’ and ‘Squash 57’ are the same thing. ‘Racquetball’ is something different.

What is Racquetball? This is the American version of the game, played on different sized courts (8 ft. longer and 1 ft. narrower) and with a slightly bigger ball (60mm). Also, the ball may be played off the ceiling.

If you want a Racketball ‘taster’, just contact Duncan Nightingale. He has spare rackets and balls and will be happy to introduce you to the game.