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Henley Leisure Centre, Gillotts Lane, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, RG9 1PA

Membership Status

See below for all members’ status with regards to club membership fees and England Squash affiliation through Henley.

Membership costs and benefits can be seen here.

England Squash (ES) membership benefits can be see here.

Individual ES membership costs £15.00. Through Henley Squash Club you get it for FREE.

Refer all questions to the Membership Secretary.


Name 1st June 2018 1st June 2019 ES Affiliation through Henley activated
Andrews, Dan Sponsor Sponsor *** NO ***
Andrews, Felix n/a Guest *** NO ***
Bacon, Annabel PAID PAID *** NO ***
Ball, Andy PAID PAID *** NO ***
Bamford, Mark n/a NOT PAID *** NO ***
Baynes, Matt PAID PAID *** NO ***
Beasley, Warren n/a PAID *** NO ***
Betts, Jonathan Guest PAID via another club
Betts, Roger PAID PAID yes
Bishop, Chris PAID NOT PAID *** NO ***
Bishop, Julia PAID PAID yes
Blagg, Mathew PAID PAID *** NO ***
Booker, Roger PAID PAID yes
Brind, George PAID PAID *** NO ***
Briscall, Sean PAID NOT PAID yes
Brown, Richard PAID PAID yes
Buch, Justin PAID PAID yes
Buch, Zoe PAID PAID yes
Budden, Tim PAID PAID yes
Campion, Jill PAID PAID via another club
Carr, Harry NOT PAID NOT PAID yes
Carr, Sam Guest Guest *** NO ***
Carson, Barry PAID PAID yes
Collin, Oliver Sponsor Sponsor yes
Dance, Steve PAID PAID yes
Driscoll, Nyall n/a Guest *** NO ***
Edge, Adam n/a Honorary via another club
Elliott, Hannah Sponsor Sponsor yes
Engela, Jeannie PAID PAID yes
Esau, Richard PAID PAID *** NO ***
Eyles, Simon PAID PAID *** NO ***
Forbes, Paul Guest Guest *** NO ***
Freeman, James PAID NOT PAID yes
Gildersleve, James PAID PAID *** NO ***
Gittings, David n/a PAID *** NO ***
Gubbin, Shawn n/a PAID *** NO ***
Hodges, Matt PAID PAID via another club
Homewood, Charlie PAID PAID yes
Hopkins, Peter Guest Guest *** NO ***
Hopkins, Richie PAID NOT PAID *** NO ***
Hornsby, Mike PAID PAID *** NO ***
Humphries, Sean Guest Guest via another club
Hurst, Adam PAID PAID yes
Ireland, Beth Junior Junior *** NO ***
Ireland, Jake Junior Junior via another club
Ireland, Paul PAID PAID yes
Jaques, Paul n/a Sponsor yes
Johnson, Kristen Honorary Honorary via another club
Kukstas, Bill n/a PAID *** NO ***
Leonard, Mike n/a PAID via another club
Lewis, Mike PAID PAID yes
Little, Richard PAID PAID yes
Lynskey, Mike PAID PAID yes
Marshall, Matt Honorary Honorary *** NO ***
Massie, Sean PAID PAID *** NO ***
Matongo, Matthew n/a Sponsor *** NO ***
McCracken, Ewan Junior Junior yes
McIntosh, Robbie PAID PAID yes
Mecklenburgh, Ben NOT PAID PAID yes
Mellett, Mark n/a Guest via another club
Milton, Ethan Junior Junior yes
Milton, Stuart PAID PAID yes
Moore, Thomas Sponsor Sponsor yes
Mortimer, James PAID PAID *** NO ***
Nightingale, Duncan PAID PAID yes
Osborne, Sam PAID PAID yes
Owens, Ray PAID PAID yes
Padfield, Emily n/a PAID *** NO ***
Raftery, Ben n/a Guest *** NO ***
Ramsey, Carl PAID NOT PAID *** NO ***
Reay, Jim PAID PAID yes
Reid, Jamie PAID PAID yes
Richardson, Nigel PAID PAID yes
Robbie, Alistair PAID PAID *** NO ***
Roberts, Matt Guest Guest via another club
Sale, John NOT PAID NOT PAID *** NO ***
Sansom, Peter n/a PAID via another club
Sayers, Paul PAID PAID yes
Scannell, Rick PAID PAID *** NO ***
Sidhu, Manu n/a Guest *** NO ***
Ski, Paul PAID PAID yes
Smallman, Alan Guest Guest *** NO ***
Stone, Simon PAID PAID *** NO ***
Street, Jason Sponsor Sponsor yes
Street, Simon PAID PAID via another club
Thackray, Chris n/a NOT PAID *** NO ***
Thomas, Neal PAID PAID *** NO ***
Tuite-Dalton, Tom PAID PAID yes
Turton, David n/a PAID *** NO ***
Wallace, Chris n/a PAID yes
Weatherall, Rick Honorary Honorary *** NO ***
Weston, David Guest Guest *** NO ***
Whale, Duncan PAID PAID yes
Whiter, Terry PAID PAID yes
Withrington, Henry n/a PAID via another club
Woods, John n/a PAID *** NO ***
Wright, David PAID PAID yes
Wright, Jeremy PAID PAID yes
Younie, Andrew n/a NOT PAID *** NO ***

(correct as of 3/1/20)



PAID Membership Fees paid for the Club Year indicated
Junior Junior Membership Fees paid for the Club Year indicated
NOT PAID Membership Fees NOT paid for the Club Year indicated
Sponsor Sponsors pay no Membership Fees
Honorary Honorary members pay no Membership Fees
Guest Guest members pay no Membership Fees
yes Henley pays affiliation fees to England Squash for this member and their account has been activated
***NO*** England Squash affiliation through Henley has not been activated for this member
via another club England Squash affiliation through another club or directly as an individual


Junior Memberships

Members who are under 19 years of age. They pay an annual Membership Fee of £15.


Sponsor Memberships

Employees (and immediate family of employees) of companies sponsoring Henley Squash Club qualify as ‘Sponsors’ and pay no Membership Fees.
For the club year 1/6/18 to 31/5/19, sponsoring companies were:

  • Inveso

For the club year 1/6/19 to 31/5/20, sponsoring companies are:

  • Invesco


Honorary Memberships

Honorary Memberships are awarded for one year at the Annual General Meeting – either to attract top players to compete for Henley, thereby strengthening the position of all the teams; and/or in recognition of service to the club. At the AGM on 4th September 2019, the following Honorary Memberships were awarded. They will last until the next AGM or the end of the next club year (31/5/20), whichever is sooner:

  • Matt Marshall
  • – Matt is one of the top ranked players in the club and reigning holder of the Club Championship.

  • Rick Weatherall
  • – Rick is a former British Masters Champion and has competed for Henley over several decades, including as a Junior in the previous incarnation of Henley Squash Club based in Friday Street.

  • Kristen Johnson
  • – Kristen has joined Henley Squash Club as Club Professional and Head Coach. He is responsible for all coaching and lessons; for running the Junior Club; and also plays for Henley 1st team.

  • Adam Edge
  • – Adam has joined Henley Squash Club to assist Kristen with coaching and the Juniors; and also plays for Henley 1st team.


Guest Memberships

Members who only compete occasionally for Henley in the Oxfordshire & Berkshire Leagues to help out when the teams are short of regular players. They do not participate in other club activities (internal League, club competitions) and do not pay Membership Fees. If they play more than 3 times for Henley they should become full members.

Name of Guest member Number of appearances for Henley since 1st September 2019
Andrews, Felix 1
Carr, Sam 3
Driscoll, Nyall 2
Hopkins, Peter 4
Kellagher, Richard 1
Mellett, Mark 5
Raftery, Ben 1
Sidhu, Manu 2

(correct as of 3/1/20)