Henley Squash Club

Henley Leisure Centre, Gillotts Lane, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, RG9 1PA

Membership Status

(as of 22/5/24)

Name 1st June 2023 1st June 2024 ES Affiliation through Henley
Allen, JosephPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Andrews, DanSponsorSponsor*** NO ***
Angus, IainPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Ball, AndyPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Baynes, MattPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Beasley, WarrenNOT PAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Betts, JonathanGuestGuest*** NO ***
Blagg, MatthewGuestGuest*** NO ***
Booker, RogerHonoraryHonoraryyes
Brind, GeorgePAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Brown, RichardPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Budden, TimPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Campion, JillPAIDNOT PAIDvia another club
Carr, HarryPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Carr, SamPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Carson, BarryPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Chapman, LouisPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Collin, OliverSponsorSponsor*** NO ***
Dance, StevePAIDNOT PAIDyes
Edge, AdamHonoraryHonorary*** NO ***
Edwards, MilesPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Elston, AndyPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Engela, JeanniePAIDNOT PAIDyes
Esau, RichardPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Gildersleve, JamesPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Ginty, RichardPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Gyoker, StefanPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Harper, ElliotPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Hatton, ChrisPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Hayes, LauraPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Homewood, CharliePAIDNOT PAIDyes
Hopkins, EdGuestGuest*** NO ***
Hopkins, PeterGuestSponsoryes
Leach, SarahPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Legget, RickPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Leonard, MikeGuestGuest*** NO ***
Little, RichardPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Marsh, RonPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Marshall, MattHonoraryHonorary*** NO ***
Martin, AndyPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Massie, SeanPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
McIntosh, RobbiePAIDNOT PAIDyes
Mecklenburgh, BenPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Milne, ShaunPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Montanus, MunroGuestGuest*** NO ***
Moore, ThomasSponsorSponsoryes
Morris, ChrisPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Mortimer, JamesPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Nightingale, DuncanPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Okeeffe, ShanePAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Oswald, DerekGuestGuest*** NO ***
Palfreyman, HarryPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Quarton, HenryPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Richardson, NigelPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Rivers, PeterPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Robbie, AlistairPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Rosier, BrianPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Rowson, JamesPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Rutland, JamesSponsorSponsor*** NO ***
Ryan, GaryNOT PAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Saundh, MannyNOT PAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Sayers, PaulGuestGuest*** NO ***
Scannell, RickPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Sherwin, WillPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Stone, SimonPAIDNOT PAIDyes
Street, JasonSponsorSponsor*** NO ***
Thomas, NealPAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Tuite-Dalton, TomPAIDSponsoryes
Turnell, JackGuestGuest*** NO ***
Twibill, AlexNOT PAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Wallace, ChrisNOT PAIDNOT PAIDyes
Ward, WillGuestGuest*** NO ***
Weatherall, RickHonoraryHonorary*** NO ***
Weston, DavidGuestGuestvia another club
Whitehouse, PaulNOT PAIDNOT PAID*** NO ***
Wright, DavidHonoraryHonorary*** NO ***



PAID Membership Fees paid for the Club Year indicated
NOT PAID Membership Fees NOT paid for the Club Year indicated
Sponsor Sponsors pay no Membership Fees
Junior Paid up members of the Junior Club pay no Membership Fees for the Senior Club
Honorary Honorary members pay no Membership Fees
Guest Team players who have played less than four times in the current membership year
yes Henley pays affiliation fees to England Squash for this member
not activated Henley pays affiliation fees to England Squash for this member – but they have not activated their England Squash account, so are not eligible for any ES benefits
via another club This member affiliates to England Squash via another club or as an individual
***NO*** Henley DOES NOT pay affiliation fees to England Squash for this member


England Squash Benefits

Membership of Henley Squash Club gives you free affiliation to England Squash which gives a number of benefits. To be eligible for these benefits you must have a ‘yes’ in the right-hand column above. If you do not, contact the Membership Secretary to get your England Squash status amended. To see the latest and complete list of benefits, you need to logon to your England Squash account. But typically these include:
  • Personal Accident Insurance up to £20,000
  • Early Access to National Squash Championships and British Open tickets
  • Access to a range of videos including player documentaries and Masterclass coaching
  • Discounts on a number of products and services, including Dunlop, PDH Sports, Sweatband.com, SquashPerks